Now's Home® France vous propose une large gamme d'intérieur et d'extérieur.
The world of Now’s Home
is the result of a quest combining harmony and creativity.
Now's Home Concept & Marque
Now’s Home products are exclusively sold in luxurious stores present in the entire world and selected by us.

Now’s HOME, created in 2004 by Nathalie Levisse, is a renowned brand with regard to elegance and contemporary ethnic decoration, both in France and abroad.

Dynamic and enthusiastic businesswoman, Nathalie Levisse is also passionate about architecture and home furnishing. She draws her inspiration from her many travels across the world to develop her own home decoration and furnishing collections.

« The perfect combination of colours, textures and materials allows us to create original and modern interiors, for clients who share our ideal of life. »
Now's Home Concept & Marque

A nature lover,
Nathalie LEVISSE imposed ,
a warm and refined style, which favours natural materials, where mineral and plant kingdoms become tame.

The know-how of Nathalie Levisse and Now’s Home creative studio lies in the perfectly controlled alliance between beautifully-made raw and noble materials, bringing life to an original collection, in tune with the times. Brushed and petrified-wood tables, teak roots converted into consoles or wall decorations… All these original and surprising ideas bring softness and fullness to a highly contemporary athmosphere.

« Creating a luxurious interior still requires that we anticipate our clients’ expectations. »